Dirty Work Media

Molly House

Historical dramedy

What happens in the Molly House, stays in the Molly House.

molly house: n. an 18th- to 19th-century British meeting place for gay men

Welcome to Mother Clap’s of Field Lane in the Year of Our Lord 1726. Joining pickpockets, murderers, and bookies on the insalubrious streets of London is the bon vivant of the gay scene: with homosexuality still carrying a death sentence, these dashing dandies fight for their rights and sometimes their very existance – but only behind pink doors. 

Police raids, drag shows, blackmail, and corruption: part brothel, part bar, molly houses like Mother Clap’s paved the way for gay bars of today. Plunge deep into pre-Dickensian London darkness for a story about how loving community will always prevail.