Dirty Work Media



“Everything has a price – especially me.”

Becca Bryce is living the Millennial’s dream. She’s got a loft apartment overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, a handsome and sufficiently absent bisexual partner, an enviable closet full of limited-edition sneakers, and 49% ownership of the absolute hottest counterculture magazine in America, Pussy.

When her partner David dies at a chemsex hookup gone wrong, Becca’s world begins to unravel. Soon she’s out of the boardroom and on the barroom floor trying to save the empire she’s built.

A battle of wills begins between Becca and David’s estranged wife, who takes control of Pussy and undoes Becca’s life’s work. Confused and at a loss, Becca flies out to L.A. to stay with model friends and plan her counterattack.

With her accounts frozen and support network gone, Becca leans on her friends in the City of Angels. She needs money fast – so, on the advice of her friends, she joins them in the sugar bowl and learns that the life of a sugar baby isn’t so different from that of a CEO. On her sugar journey, she makes relationships that will change her worldview – and her life – forever.

With the support of her friends, Becca vows to gain back control of her business. She uses her platform to reduce the stigma surrounding sugar babies & sex industry workers and begins a project to industrialize the sugar industry while working in the background to legalize prostitution.